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Saturday, February 28, 2009

How about that new Sweet Deals DQ Menu?

How does this sound...

Your choice of One Terrific Cheeseburger, All Beef Hotdog or a GREAT Chicken wrap
With either a side of Finger lickin onion rings, Fries or a side salad
and your choice of a medium drink, Small sundae or a small dipped icecream cone


OR any combo of thre things for $4!

how about any of those things for

2 for $3
3 for $4
4 for $5

That is a deal! Especially when you are in the Dairy Queen Mood - and who isnt in a Dairy Queen mood?

I love Dairy Queen! and with their new every day deal menu you can mix and match nine of their menu items - OVER 20,000 combinations! Think of the possabilities!

I am currently making a deal with DQ and you can make one too! Just write a blog on Dairy Queen's new every day value menu and you too can get to try their new sweet deals for FREE! Yes FREE!
You blog about - and post a link to their them with your blog link and address and they will send you a gift card! How awesome is that?!?!?!

But hurry fast because this is only good for the first 250 bloggers who enter!

Click the link above to learn more aboout the sweet deals and blogger gift!

Good luck and happy blogging!

Sample from Splenda

Splenda has some new coffee flavors - You can try it out before you buy it to see if you like it :)

I love samples :)

Click here to get your sample!

FREE Panty from Express

Who doesnt love a free pair of panties? Especially from Express!

Click here for your coupon and print it out :)


Want Tickets for Movie Screenings

Do you ever wonder how people get tickets to see movie screeners for free? Well I dont know HOW people get them I have gotten movie screener tickets from work or friends...but never on my is your chance to get tickets for movie screeners...right now there are none in Texas - but sign up and they send you emails once movies screener tickets are available...if they have any left you click the movie you want to see and they get you tickets to it.

Have fun!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

FREE opi Nail polish (2 bottles)

Really? Free? Opi Nail Polish...I am on it!

Pick two colors and they send you - it is from some teen site.

Oh well a freebie is a freebie!

FREE Juicy Juice Sippy Cup

I dont have a kid in the sippy cup age but I have a nephew who is - so I signed up for one :)

Just fill out the information and they will send you a free sippy cup with Juicy Juice printed on it :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I just love this website it cracks me up - so I will from time to time post FAILS that I come across on their site - or on my own :)



Oh my - better be careful how you use those there a warning label on the box or something about sticking them on your head...No your REAL head not your other head..sickos! LOL


Well...this was on how ever I am a bit the sign itself a fail, or is the fail refering to this husband? I frankly find the billboard the funniest thing EVER! Except I would have totally used a picture of him and stuck it to the board. Oh well...I guess he has been CAUGHT!


I am not too sure what they were thinking on this one...I mean it is making me start to think I potty trained my son too early I mean he is 6 so should he still be in diapers?

Some Neat Websites I have Come Across

Here is a cool site for you to explore... basically anything you can think of is on here and it puts it in a funny yet true since...for example...lets say you are in the woods LOST, and you had no food...and you were starving yet there is plants all are not sure if it is safe to eat or not - well good thing you read Rules of Thumb because here is what it says:

TESTING FOR EDIBILITY If you are foraging for food but are not sure about the edibility of a plant, take a small amount in your mouth, chew it, and hold it there without swallowing for five minutes. If you feel no ill effects - such as stinging, burning or numbness - swallow, and then wait for eight hours. If by that time you have not experienced any cramps, pain, numbing, vomiting, or diarrhea, eat another handful of the plant and wait another eight hours. If there are still no problems, consider the plant safe to eat.


Here is a neat little website I happened upon...basically tells you how to clean things around the house and other places...also it has a submission - where you can submit your own and each new cleaning tip submited helps raise money for charity.

Check it out!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

First 10,000 Get A FREE Glade Plugins Scented Oil Warmer

Just found - thought I would share - this is only for the first 10,000 people to respond - You will get the following:

One Glade® PlugIns® Scented Oil warmer
One Glade® PlugIns® Scented Oil refill in Hawaiian Breeze®
$1.00 coupon off two single Glade® PlugIns® Scented Oil refills or one twin refill

Click the link below to register :)

FREE Crest Advance White Strips

Click this link
to get a sample of Crest Advanced White Strips also since P&G has all their samples in a central location you can request additional products to sample all at one time :)

Have fun!

Kashi Frozen Meal Deal _ coupon for a FREE entree

You have heard of Kashi havent you? Well it is regular food - just only made with all natural ingredients.

If you go to to this site, fill out the information they will send you a coupon for a FREE frozen dinner :)

Atleast you will be able to TRY it before you decide it is something you will buy in the future!

FREE sub from Quizno's

Yes that is right - I get this little tip from a mom on forum! Thanks!

You will not get spammed - although the email with the coupon MAY go into your spam file - that is where mine went :)

Anyway you just fill in the information - Boom! Check your email - click the link and BOOM print your coupon!

Make sure your printer is on :)

Yummmm enjoy your free sub!

Monday, February 23, 2009

FREE Arbys Roast Burger!

I received an email today with this coupon in it!

With any Drink you buy you get this burger for FREE!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ihop National Pancake Day FREE pancakes!

Feb. 24th from 7am-10am Ihop is giving away a short stack of their pancakes (3 pancakes). All they are asking for is a donation to support local children's hospitals though Children's Miracle Network or other local charities.

YaY For FREE Pancakes from Ihop!

FREE Diet Dr. Pepper Coupon

Click link below for offer:

Don't worry it is real, no gimmicks here :) Hurry and fill it out fast, I do believe they have a number limit on how many they are sending out.

2 FREE tacos from Jack in the Box (Feb. 24th)

Yes, that is right Feb. 24th just print out this coupon and take to a local Jack in the Box and receive 2 FREE tacos...personally I am not to fond of their tacos, but I know a lot of people who order them and like if you like FREE and Jack in the Box tacos, well then here is a deal for you :)


Who Said Cheese?

Cheese? Did you say Cheese? What is your favorite cheese? I tell you mine...Brie that is right I can not get enough of that creamy yummy goodness...and I will tell you who makes the best brie....Ile De France! You totally need to go out and pick up some of this!

Check out their website for other cheese flavors they have!

Other Random Obama Things....

Action figures? So I am guessing our kids, G.I. Joes need someone to answer to when they are called in for duty? The X-Men need to meet there president...But amoung all these action figures...does Obama figure fight and interact with know go fighting crime in Gotham with Batman and Robin, or going to grab a cup of joe with Superman/Clark Kent....or even going over to watch the game with Spiderman?

Or does this action figure come with it's own secret service staff?

LoL...just wondering...wasnt sure how much "action" and Obama action figure would actually see....since all the president does really is sit at a desk and go to meetings and sign bills and give speeches LOL

Okay so Trading Cards, Action figures, and now...BOBBLE HEADS and they even have a super hero Obama bobble head you can pre-order!
IF you would be intrested in ordering any Obama things go here:
Let's not forget to add that this bobble head TALKS....

Cravin chocolate? Get your Obama or McCain worth! Chocobama or Sugar-Cain....Made from Belgin Chocolate in the Netherlands. You can buy these chocolate man heads for a whopping $25.64 to $38.47 !

Obama Trading Cards....Really?!?!

Okay is it just me or is this going a bit too far? Has any other president had a trading card? I mean could you imagine Bill Clinton's or even George Bush LOL!

Do people think these cards will be worth money one day? Sure they do, that is why they buy is all about making money, but come on now... OBAMA TRADING CARDS!

I know I will NOT being putting my money toward them...I will save it for another day :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009